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This 1/35th scale resin and etched brass kit by David Jane and Rob Tearle depicts the COYOTE Tactical Support Vehicle (Light), TSV(L), designed by Supacat in the UK for the British Army.

The 6x6 Coyote is based the Jackal-2 4x4 SRV introduced in 2009 and combines the stunning cross country performance, firepower, payload capacity and endurance of Jackal-2 with an enhanced payload capacity.

Coyote continues to serve in a number of different configurations and with many units. Versions of the HMT 600 design are also in service with other Nations.

This particular model depicts the standard 6x6 configuration fitted with additional crew protection armour and seats, 0.50 Cal and gpmg.

This model is produced with the full cooperation of Supacat Ltd and the UK MoD.

1:35th scale is the universal scale of choice for serious and dedicated Military Modelling enthusiasts as it results in the best value combination of cost and detail. Models that are large enough to accurately depict all intricate detail but not so large that they take up too much display space in a typical house. All the major military model kit producers in the world work in 1:35th scale allowing modellers to mix, match, combine and convert all manufacturers products together to create almost every combination of equipment imaginable.

 If you do not have a particular "Scale loyalty" then please take time to look carefully at the considerable benefits of working in 1/35th Scale.

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