FORDSON E38w Mobile Canteen Van
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This 1/35th scale resin kit by Leon Hassing depicts for the first time one of the many improvised British "emergency" food vans (Mobile canteens) in use in the UK and overseas in WW2 and Post War. These vans were mainly donated and operated by charities, churches and the NAAFI to provide that all important "cup of tea" and other essentials. Whether after a bombing raid, before embarkation, in occupied cities overseas or just for essential workers these vans were a most welcome and essential part of the war effort.

This model includes full chassis and suspension, interior detail and a comprehensive set of cooking and catering supplies and a nice set of full colour decals for NAAFI, Salvation Army and YMCA use.

The FORDSON 10 hp E38w (a UK manufactured FORD) was a typical Van, strange in proportions but full of character captures the essence of this type of vehicle very well.

 1:35th scale is the universal scale of choice for serious and dedicated Military Modelling enthusiasts as it results in the best value combination of cost and detail. Models that are large enough to accurately depict all intricate detail but not so large that they take up too much display space in a typical house. All the major military model kit producers in the world work in 1:35th scale allowing modellers to mix, match, combine and convert all manufacturers products together to create almost every combination of equipment imaginable.

 If you do not have a particular "Scale loyalty" then please take time to look carefully at the considerable benefits of working in 1/35th Scale.

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