UK 6 Pr. Ammunition (late WW2)
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£ 18.00
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A comprehensive 1/35th scale resin and etched brass ammunition set for  UK 6 Pr. 7cwt Ammunition and packaging with full colour decals.

Designed for late WW-2 (1943-45), a mix of ammunition comprising HE, APCBC-T, AP and SVDS (APDS) natures with appropriate packaging is provided. Base clips and liner tubes are included and the ammunition containers have separate handles so that figures can be adapted to carry the boxes. 4 opening boxes with lids are also included.

In all 50 castings and 66 etched brass parts are provided, more than enough for any scene with a 6 Pr. Anti-tank gun or a 6 Pr. Armed AFV.

A full colour painting and marking guide is also included.

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