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The FV432 APC was the most numerous British Post War AFV, designed by GKN as a 'Battlefield taxi' for infantry, similar to, but better protected and mobile than the American M113. The basic APC nicknamed 'Trojan', was produced between 1963 and 1971 and can carry a full section of infantry in addition to the two man crew.

With the introduction of Warrior, the FV432 ceased to be used as an APC, but continued to serve in many units. A large number served in the Gulf War of 1990-91 and many still serve today in all British Army theatres of operation in newer re-built and re-engined versions.

This all resin 1/35th scale model kit designed by Jon Bottomley & Rob Tearle depicts a standard Mk-2 (Diesel engine) version fitted with cupola mounted 7.62mm GPMG turret. The model features extensive external and internal detail in the hull rear compartment and drivers compartment. Hatches can be depicted open or closed and resin cast tools and smaller fittings are also provided.

A simple to use laser cut headlamp guard set is included as an option to the etched brass version of the delicate head-lamp guards. An extensive etched brass fret is supplied for other small fittings and a comprehensive set of full colour decals are included with a variety of markings and registrations. Headlights and side/tail lights are supplied as clear/coloured castings. Full colour printed instructions are included as standard.


Completed model dimensions (approximate)
  Inches Metric (mm)
Length 6 152
Width 3 76
Height 3 76

1:35th scale is the universal scale of choice for serious and dedicated Military Modelling enthusiasts as it results in the best value combination of cost and detail. Models that are large enough to accurately depict all intricate detail but not so large that they take up too much display space in a typical house. All the major military model kit producers in the world work in 1:35th scale allowing modellers to mix, match, combine and convert all manufacturers products together to create almost every combination of equipment imaginable.

 If you do not have a particular "Scale loyalty" then please take time to look carefully at the considerable benefits of working in 1/35th Scale.

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