British 3.7 Inch HAA Gun
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This comprehensive 35th scale model by Leon Hassing & Derek Hansen depicts the famous 'Three-seven' AA Gun. Or if you prefer; The 3.7" HAA Mk-2 on Mk-3 mobile mounting. This was the standard UK WW-2 Heavy AA Gun, similar to the German '88' in some respects, but not intended as a multi-role weapon.

The 3.7" (94mm) had superb AA and artillery performance and was only occasionaly used in the anti-tank role, but with a 28lb shell (compared to the '88's 20lb), it packed a punch! This was the standard HAA gun for the British Army on all fronts from 1941/42 onwards. Many were also used for UK home defence.

This all resin model can be depicted in firing or transport mode, and Limber Mk-2, and Carriage Mk-2 are included, as is a 10 piece 3.7" ammunition set comprising HE, Shrapnel and APCBC-T rounds. An extensive etched brass detail set is also included.

We also include decals for all the Ammunition, and a selection of unit markings for AA Regiments of 1st, 2nd & 8th Army, 21st Army Group and post-war AA Command, bridge plates & battery markings. Full colour instructions are included.

The standard WW2 towing vehicle for this gun is the AEC Matador tractor, which we make in three production versions as K077 (early) K115 (Middle) & K116 (Late) The decals provided in this kit match the decals in all the above kits, (how clever is that!) so that a fully paired combination of models can be depicted.

1:35th scale is the universal scale of choice for serious and dedicated Military Modelling enthusiasts as it results in the best value combination of cost and detail. Models that are large enough to accurately depict all intricate detail but not so large that they take up too much display space in a typical house. All the major military model kit producers in the world work in 1:35th scale allowing modellers to mix, match, combine and convert all manufacturers products together to create almost every combination of equipment imaginable.

 If you do not have a particular "Scale loyalty" then please take time to look carefully at the considerable benefits of working in 1/35th Scale.

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